No more turnover
No more training
No more overpaying
No more paperwork delays
No overworked staff
No chasing paperwork
Emphasized compliance
Cleaner books and records
Cleaner communications
Side-by-side audit support
Be confident in your Deals Department today

We’re a team of Real Estate Experts that seek to Optimize the Industry

At DealsDPT, everything that we do stands to mitigate risks and challenges found in a traditional Deals Department. We’re always evolving to optimize brokerages by lowering costs, driving revenue and creating the cleanest and easiest way to process your deals!

Through combining new technology and old-school service, we’ve created a system that redefines efficiency in your brokerage. Let us bring your brokerage to a brighter future; One where you cna focus on the fun aspects of real estate while we handle the heavy lifting.

Why outsource?

With the ever-changing Real Estate landscape, your Deals Department requires the highest level of consistency.

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    On Training and Development

Focus on Growth

We’ll be your set-and-forget option so you can soar ahead without being buried in paperwork, struggling to find the right employee or simply worrying about compliance

Cost Efficiency

Save time and resources by eliminating the need for in-house Deal Processing or simply let us handle your overflow to support an existing team. As we charge per-end, you’d only be paying for what you need

You’re in Good hands

Instead of combing through countless resumes to find the perfect candidate that you can trust, our well-trained team is equipped to handle any system and are always excited to learn more. With 15+ years of experience and Deal-Processing experience, you can be confident that you’re in good hands

Our Services

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Full-Scale Real Estate Transaction Management

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Our solution that combines both Technology and Service enables us to provide you with the cleanest Deals Department possible. We streamline your processes by handling your Deals from Sold Conditional to Payouts.... Plus we handle your Reconciliations! This workflow system ensures that your transactions are always processed with precision and speed.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

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Every brokerage is run a little differently and each has their own set of individual needs. Whether you want our full-scale or a service tailored to you, DealsDPT has an answer!


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Our Reconciliation process ensures accuracy and transparency in your financial transactions. As we meticulously prioritize compliance and often work hand-in-hand with governing Real Estate bodies,... rest assured knowing that your books will always be ready for an audit.

Clean Ups

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Sometimes, staying on top of your books can be difficult and things may slip through the cracks. DealsDPT has you covered! We can handle your back-end clean ups for issues with past paperwork to bring you back up to date.

Start-Up Brokerages

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Whether you’re a thriving brokerage recognized in the industry, or a hungry Broker looking to start up a new and exciting venture, we can support you. Building a brokerage from scratch requires a lot of legwork ... but our team can guide you through the process to bring your business ideas to life.

Who We Serve

Whether you’re a One-Person Show Running Resale or a Thriving Group Conquering Pre-Con, DealsDPT can support you! However, as this is your business, it’s important for us to understand your culture, your needs and you! Let’s have a chat to understand you and give you the Deals Department of your dreams.

DSP Pricing Plan

DSP is our exciting Universal Submission Platform that ensures the cleanest and most efficient way to submit your deals. Instead of messy paperwork or complex systems, DSP prioritizes Clarity and Ease.

Boutique Plan


  • 0-10 Agents
Midsized Plan


  • 11-100 Agents
Large-Scale Plan


  • 101-300 Agents
Enterprise Plan
  • 301+ Agents

Who We Worked With


Our pricing is specifically tailored to the specific needs of each client. Contact us for a personalized quote and consultation.

We work with governing Real Estate bodies quite closely and have been building a strong standing with them. So, our solution is not only easy but definitely compliant.

We always seek the best relationships possible with our clients and look at these more as partnerships. If you’d like to work with us, we’d love to work with you and our Service Agreements ensure that you’ll never feel trapped.

As we charge based on your volumes, you’ll never be penalized for doing less or more deals. If you want a solution that lets you focus on Sales without worrying about the back-end, DealsDPT can find a way to make this work for you!

Yes! Audits can be a little stressful but DealsDPT has been able to support many brokerages through this time. Give us a shout and we can show you how!

We completely understand that your data is sensitive and one of the most important assets for a brokerage. At DealsDPT, our service agreements protect you and your data giving you the piece of mind that your information stays yours.

We have perfected the system to accommodate a wide-range of client volumes. Your team will always be built accordingly to not only accommodate your existing volumes but also, to foster your growth.

DealsDPT strives to be experts at all systems and while we are trained in the market-leaders, we’re always excited to learn your system.
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